About Me

foursquare - Product Manager (June 2010 - Today) 
Siobhan was the first Product Manager at foursquare where she helped build out the Product Management team. Today she leads the product strategy and development of Engagement features for the mobile application.

Google - Product Manager (October 2007 - May 2010)
Before joining foursquare, Siobhan was Product Manager of Blogger at Google, the web's largest blogging platform and the 7th most visited website worldwide (Alexa). There she focused on the product vision and strategy for Blogger's presentation platform (The Blogger Template Designer), and worked closely with engineers to oversee the execution of that vision through the entire product life cycle.

In addition to her work on Blogger, Siobhan lead Google's effort to bring Typography to the web and recently launched the Google Font API & Directory.

Google - Software Engineer (June 2003 - July 2007)  Before joining Google's Product team, Siobhan worked as a Software Engineer on Google Accounts and Google Page Creator, and was involved in launching many Google products, including Gmail, Personalized Search, and Google Checkout. 

Siobhan graduated with Honors from the University of Washington where she received a BS in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude.

Siobhan's interests include creating technology that makes every-day life more fun, cooking, and spending time with her dog Seamus.

Email: siobhan at gmail
Twitter: @siobhanquinn