Why we can never win an election

I just called SF Campaign headquarters to ask how I could donate money I raised via a fundraiser and not have that get confused with my $2,300 campaign donation limit. They couldn't answer me.

They gave me some guys cell phone that didn't answer.

Sending an email contact@obamasf.org fails.

You know this didn't happen in Karl Rove's org.


Me, Seamus, and This Guy

Just another walk in the park. (Muni Park, Cole Valley San Francisco)


My Bank of America "Financial Specialist"

I just had my a woman call me from Bank of America. She introduced herself as my "Financial Specialist" and told me about a few savings plans. She also gave me her phone number and email address.

I know everything she said was probably canned and banks are trying to retain their good customers, but I am still kind of impressed. I at least like the new focus on savings instead of spending. Interesting how far getting a real person's phone number and email will go to make you respect a company.


Just bought tickets to Jenny Lewis in SF!

My favorite artist - Jenny Lewis - is coming to San Francisco and I just got tickets! Tickets went on sale this morning so good ones are still left. I managed to snag 6th row at the Herbst Theater. I love small venues.

You may know Jenny Lewis as the lead singer of Rilo Kiley. But she's been venturing out on her own with her last highly acclaimed album Rabbit Fur Coat.