Ergo: The game that proves your existance while disproving the existance of your friends

My friend Brian Knudson (and his brother Brent) collaborated to create the game Ergo, a logic game perfect for philosophers & logic nuts alike.

Each player is assigned a variable and receive 5 cards representing a variable or a logical operator. During each rounder, players attempt to collectively build a Proof that proves their existence, while disproving the existence of any other player.

Here's an a sneak peak at the instructions (click image to read):

Congrats Brian on your first game to market! Now where's the mobile social version so I can play on my iPhone with my Facebook friends? Get on that! Can't wait to see the games you develop next.


  1. I was one of the first to play ERGO, previously refered to as ABC Logic, and I have been addicted ever since. it is one of my favorite card games, and I love games. I have my copy... do you???

  2. Awesome Game! Might want to include instructions for the non-logic student, though. There is a STEEP learning curve if you don't have prior experience working with proofs. I do, however, and Ergo is my favorite card game! Bravo, Brian!