Ergo: The game that proves your existance while disproving the existance of your friends

My friend Brian Knudson (and his brother Brent) collaborated to create the game Ergo, a logic game perfect for philosophers & logic nuts alike.

Each player is assigned a variable and receive 5 cards representing a variable or a logical operator. During each rounder, players attempt to collectively build a Proof that proves their existence, while disproving the existence of any other player.

Here's an a sneak peak at the instructions (click image to read):

Congrats Brian on your first game to market! Now where's the mobile social version so I can play on my iPhone with my Facebook friends? Get on that! Can't wait to see the games you develop next.


Barbie the Computer Engineer

This is late news, but I am still excited about it. We finally have a Computer Engineer Barbie! She comes with a pink laptop, binary tee, and bluetooth. Not sure how I feel about the glasses though. Has anyone bought one? I am tempted just because it's so awesome they did this. (Thanks Niniane for pointing me to this)

FourSquare moment of Glory

The Driskill in Austin was packed with Silicon Valley types, many waiting in line to order beer at the bar. I bought 2 cases for the group I was with and became a sudden hit... and yes... was "trending" on FourSquare. 

Best story I heard was someone at 2AM in Austin was looking for the party and saw "Siobhan" was trending. Showed up the location but couldn't find the venue. Hilarious. Thanks Allen Romero, Mike Stachowiak, Kelly Seaman and Guy Marion.


I heart Moo

Just ordered my own, personal business cards by finding cool images on iStockPhoto & uploading them to moo.com. Pretty impressed with how easy moo makes it to create unique cards. Wish they had more fonts though.

Dear Moo, meet typekit

Anyways, here's what my cards will look like!