Where did they get those clothes?

At the risk of sounding horribly immature, this post is about Gossip Girl (my favorite guilty pleasure).

At the end of each Gossip Girl episode, a few seconds are spent telling viewers what songs were featured on the show, and how they can buy those songs. What I don't understand is, why don't they do the same for the fabulous clothes featured on the show???

For months I've been scouring Gossip Girl Fashion to discover the latest garb worn by my favorite characters, only to discover that the item is sold out as soon as I've found it. There is a huge demand for anything worn by the fashionable Upper East Side characters. Even Target has recognized it, and has launched their own Gossip Girl fashion line.

Identifying these clothes, and then finding where to buy them, is still a very manual process. With such high demand, why aren't the networks partnering with designers to streamline this? The opportunity doesn't only apply to Gossip Girl, from Mad Men to iCarly, design lovers and young girls alike would be clamoring for clothes worn by their idols. (Actually, Banana Republic did partner with Mad Men - good for them!)

Fashion seems like one product placement opportunity that I actually want as a viewer. I am sure others are thinking about this opportunity too. Meanwhile, a lot of wallets are waiting. :)

Note: Seen On is another site links viewers to clothing featured on popular shows. But they are only able to list a small subset of the fashions worn.