Picture Perfect

Yesterday I decided to finally put some pictures up on my wall. I started redecorating my room months ago and I still have a bit more to do. I followed directions found in Apartment Therapy.

A picture (or the center of a group of pictures) should be centered at 57" from the floor, since 57" is the average human eye height. The tendency is to place pictures much higher.

To arrange my frames, I traced each onto butcher paper and cut out their shapes. Then marked the location of the hook on the back of each frame. I taped the butcher to the wall to arrange them. This way - you know exactly where you need to nail the hole and won't end up with a swiss cheese wall!


  1. Of course, if it's your own bedroom, why not just center your picture at your own eye height? Or if you share a bedroom, you could average yours and your partners. (Though I don't know that you should include Seamus in that average.)

    I like that trick of using the butcher paper placeholders to make marks for hooks, though.