Ice Skating!

Yesterday I was feeling pretty horrible. I hadn't sleep well in two nights and all I wanted to do after my carsick ride home from work was go to bed. It was Misha's birthday however, and nothing can keep me down for that :) After unsuccessfully trying to nap, I got up the energy to head down to Yerba Bueana Ice Skating Center.

Something about ice skating just cheers you up. I don't think I've skated since I was 7, but it seemed pretty similar to skiing when you're trying to move up a slight incline. After completely mastering the skill in about 20 minutes, I wanted to learn how to do the sweet "side ways stop". You know - when skaters are going fast and then turn their body to quickly skid to a halt. I made some progress. Next up, spinning and then the double axle.

Here's Misha the birthday boy - an excellent skater - on the ice!

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