My Macworld Experience and The CoolAid has Worn Off

Monday night we all waiting in line for the MacWorld keynote. Actually that's not completely true... we kind of cheated and I do feel bad about it. We waited in shifts. We got there at 7:00pm and 20 people waited at a time in 3 hour shifts to hold the spot of 60 people at the front of the line.

At least some of the die hards got in front of us in line ... good for them.

Here are some pics of the spectacle.

I walked out of the keynote being SO pumped to get an AppleTv, Air, the new installs of iTunes and the new iPhone software. Steve Jobs IS king.

But then....today I decided to install the new iPhone software and iTunes detected that my iPhone was not "right". So it "restored" it. Once the iPhone was supposedly restored, iTunes again said it needed to be restored, over and over. My iPhone is totally broken and I have no idea why!

Back to the genius bar. This will be my 3rd iPhone in 6th months. I am definitely getting the pro care plan this time :\

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