Gore Joins Kleiner Perkins

This is pretty awesome. I only wish he would run for president but I guess the race is crowded enough already. Here's the article.

Tante Maries Cooking Class

Saturday I went to Tante Marie's Cooking School and took a class on Holiday entertaining. It was a lot of fun, the food was great, and I met a great group of people. One father brought his 14 year old daughter, which was pretty awesome. I'd definitely take another class but I wish I was able to make some more dishes.

Dinner @ Nopa

Though it's one of the most popular restaurants in SF, you can almost always get a seat at Nopa if you arrive around 6. The community table is a lot of fun, but this time I ate at the bar. Couldn't grab anyone to go with me at the last minute so US Weekly was my date! A good one too ;)


Hipsters Invest?

focus on what your good at kids: party and look cool.