Happy Men

Thanks Mina for sharing this!

Traveling is Funny

  • Last night I emailed Hotel X in Seoul, asking for 4 rooms, over email, providing no payment info.
  • Today, Hotel X's website says they have no rooms, so we book rooms elsewhere
  • This evening I got an email from Hotel X, saying "no! we already booked your rooms!"
  • Immediately after get 4 confirmation emails
  • I say "sorry but we thought you were booked and booked elsewhere"
  • Get an email saying "We already have your rooms! and we will add 1 sock and 2 underwear and complimentary breakfast"
  • I say "sorry, we will stay with you next time"
  • I receive email saying "Did you see we are offering breakfast complimentary???" (yes, they made it red)
  • I apologize again saying we've already paid for other rooms.