Facebook Photo Album Privacy Bug?

So I noticed an acquaintance of mine added some pictures to her Facebook profile. I could see the images in the new feed and could click on them and see the larger version. I could even scroll through the entire album!

However when I clicked "View Photos of [my friend]" from her profile page, I see that she has restricted the album and I am not able to see any of the photos.

How am I allowed to see the entire album via the newsfeed? What kind of privacy is this?

San Francisco Chefs on Top Chef

There are 4 San Francisco chefs in the next season of Top Chef!

· Erik Hopfinger, 38, Executive Chef at Circa
· Jennifer Biesty, 35, Executive Chef at Coco500
· Ryan Scott, 28, Chef at Myth Cafe
· Zoi Antonitsas, 30, Chef/Restaurant Consultant


This is SO depressing

I can't believe I am semi-excited that this show (Real Housewives of NYC) is on tonight. Please end the writers strike! I am actually watching it right now as I do my email.... it's pretty bad.

Update: Hold up. Wasn't that dark haired chick - the self proclaimed Martha Stewart - ON the Martha Stewart version of Apprentice!? (I watch WAY too much reality TV)

Update 2: I am SO correct. Check it!


Bear Republic Brewery

This weekend we headed to the Russian River Valley for the annual Winter Wineland. Also in the Russian River Valley - however - is Big Bear Brewery, the brewery that makes Racer 5.

Friday night we decided to stop in and sample their beers. There were many to taste and we had a good time finding our favorites. Mine is Winter Spice - it was delicious!

Blogger Launches BiDi languages

Thanks to Tyrone (and many others) Blogger.com is now live in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian! The Blogger interface and templates are completely rearranged to read from Right to Left for these languages. It was a big effort, but we are happy to bring Blogger to millions of Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi speakers.


My Macworld Experience and The CoolAid has Worn Off

Monday night we all waiting in line for the MacWorld keynote. Actually that's not completely true... we kind of cheated and I do feel bad about it. We waited in shifts. We got there at 7:00pm and 20 people waited at a time in 3 hour shifts to hold the spot of 60 people at the front of the line.

At least some of the die hards got in front of us in line ... good for them.

Here are some pics of the spectacle.

I walked out of the keynote being SO pumped to get an AppleTv, Air, the new installs of iTunes and the new iPhone software. Steve Jobs IS king.

But then....today I decided to install the new iPhone software and iTunes detected that my iPhone was not "right". So it "restored" it. Once the iPhone was supposedly restored, iTunes again said it needed to be restored, over and over. My iPhone is totally broken and I have no idea why!

Back to the genius bar. This will be my 3rd iPhone in 6th months. I am definitely getting the pro care plan this time :\


Picture Perfect

Yesterday I decided to finally put some pictures up on my wall. I started redecorating my room months ago and I still have a bit more to do. I followed directions found in Apartment Therapy.

A picture (or the center of a group of pictures) should be centered at 57" from the floor, since 57" is the average human eye height. The tendency is to place pictures much higher.

To arrange my frames, I traced each onto butcher paper and cut out their shapes. Then marked the location of the hook on the back of each frame. I taped the butcher to the wall to arrange them. This way - you know exactly where you need to nail the hole and won't end up with a swiss cheese wall!


Screen Cleaning

Click on the picture for the best screen saver ever!


"Winter Wineland" in Sonoma!

Next weekend (Jan 19 & 20th) is the 16th annual Winter Wineland in northern Sonoma. $40 for access to 109 wineries all serving food and providing entertainment - what could be more fun!? More info about the event is here.

Ice Skating!

Yesterday I was feeling pretty horrible. I hadn't sleep well in two nights and all I wanted to do after my carsick ride home from work was go to bed. It was Misha's birthday however, and nothing can keep me down for that :) After unsuccessfully trying to nap, I got up the energy to head down to Yerba Bueana Ice Skating Center.

Something about ice skating just cheers you up. I don't think I've skated since I was 7, but it seemed pretty similar to skiing when you're trying to move up a slight incline. After completely mastering the skill in about 20 minutes, I wanted to learn how to do the sweet "side ways stop". You know - when skaters are going fast and then turn their body to quickly skid to a halt. I made some progress. Next up, spinning and then the double axle.

Here's Misha the birthday boy - an excellent skater - on the ice!


Stormy in San Francisco!

There is a storm today and my power is out and my window is leaking! The nearby hardware store had a window blown out as well. Crazy! Seamus is not very happy wet in his raincoat.