Back on the Water

I've been working a bit too much lately, so am making an effort to get away from the laptop and go outside... and it doesn't hurt that the weather has been so gorgeous in San Francisco. :)

I decided to get back into an old sport - crew. I used to row in high school, but have not been in a boat for 10 years. Here's a pic of a few of us at the Greenlake Regatta back in '97 (I think...). Heidi Hurn (at the top of the pyramid) went on to row for University of Washington, following in the footsteps of her brother - Hans (bottom, second from left). I am middle row, on the right. I went to UW too.... but wasn't quite tough enough for UW's championship crew team.

After some looking around, I found that Pacific Rowing Club is building up a small masters program and rows near me, on Lake Merced.

My first day was Friday. It was awesome. Practice started at 6:00am, before the sun rose. The people were great and very patient as I fumbled with oars, the boat, just about everything.

What is pathetic is that I could barely lift the boat! I guess running doesn't do much for my arms :\ I am pretty weak right now but hopefully that will change soon.

Anyways, very excited to see how this goes!