Favorite Saturday Morning Activity

Nothing beats listening to Click and Clack on Car Talk Saturday mornings. Makes catching up on life much more enjoyable.


  1. Hey Sioban,
    I found your blog through Eric Case's site... and have a totally unrelated question for you: how can I add a "Subscribe to" (with the pull-down menus) widget like you have in your sidebar to my blog? Any information, even if it's just another site with info, would be greatly appreciated. I just had my 1-year blog-iversary and I find there is still plenty to learn.
    My e-mail address is available in my profile.
    Thanks in advance,
    House of Jules

  2. Hey Jules,

    It's a new feature on Blogger's "Draft" site. Login to http://draft.blogger.com and you'll be able to add it to your Layout. :)