Back from my trip around the world!

Haven't posted in a while, partly because I've been on Google's APM Trip for the past two weeks. We went around the world, from Tokyo to Beijing to St. Petersburg to Norway and I am still exhausted! Here's a picture of us in St. Petersburg - my favorite of all the cities. I am on the right wearing my new Russian fur hat.


  1. Hi. I enjoyed reading your blog. It is very interesting.

  2. How many cities did you travel to altogether on your round-the-globe journey? Did you visit the site where "Free Willy" star Keiko the Killer Whale is entombed or whatever in Norway? If you were in Beijing, did you get a sense of nationalistic pre-Olympic pride reverberating about town, or if you were anywhere else at all in China for that matter? Did you see my friends Chuck and Guli while in Russia? Do you like St. Pete's more than San Fran?