Just discovered: Alabaster Cleaners

I'd been putting off laundry for weeks. I don't have a washer / dryer in my apartment so have to lug the heavy load to the laundry mat (though it is only across the street).

Feeling particularly lazy today, I discovered Alabaster Cleaners. (http://www.alabastercleaners.com/index.html) I gave them a call and 5 minutes later they picked up my load promising to have it back by 6pm!

Amazing. A little afraid what the final bill will be but once in a while this stuff is so worth it :)


  1. on a somewhat-related note, have you ever used an apartment cleaning service in the city? chrix and i have thought about seeking someone out to clean bi-weekly.

  2. Very interesting! Thanks, I will see if we have a similar service here in SW Florida, Thanks for posting;)
    Btw, great blog!!