iTunes 8 - Trying Hard to Earn a Buck

iTunes 8 is really reacting to the economic climate. Today I tried to purchase a song that I forgot I had already purchased via iTunes a while back. After clicking "buy", iTunes offered me two choices:
  1. Upgrade to iTunes Plus (later discovered was $119 to enable)
  2. Buy the song again
There is no "close" button. I could not close the dialog... at ALL. I couldn't even "Quit" iTunes via the menu, I had to FORCE QUIT to get out of this state.

What the heck?


  1. If you click on the upgrade button, it'd just redirect you back to the page w/o charging you.

  2. Btw...i got an invalid captcha on my first try trying to comment :(

  3. At least it's letting you re-purchase. I had quite an annoying time a couple of years ago when I lost all my iTunes music and did have to re-purchase a few songs. I had a hard time convincing the server to actually let me buy them again, yes, EVEN THOUGH I bought them before, because YES I was dumb and never made a backup. Sigh. :)

  4. (Oddly, I also had to try twice in order to make my comment.)

  5. The whole re-purchase thing is ridiculous. You buy a song, you buy the license to the song, that's how I feel. I've always thought it was bogus that you can't replace songs that you no longer have due to data loss.

  6. Going around thanking all my followers as i've reached the end of my year, going to keep blogging thought. But i have to say I HATE ITUNES.
    Brought my wife an ipod and as a supprise loaded itunes on her laptop so she would have it all ready to go on xmas morning.
    6 weeks later i finally got her dvd drive back and the laptop working fully ahhhhhh!
    2 new projects up and running to replace this one.