Loving Cup - A Rice Pudding Shop

Across NY and LA the hot thing is Pinkberry (or similar frozen yogurt shops). For San Franciscans though, an ice cold frozen yogurt doesn't exactly hit the spot on a cool foggy day. Luckily we now have our own place to stop for a quick, sweet snack: Loving Cup Rice Pudding Shop on Polk Street.

The bright little cafe was started by a friend of mine - Liz Hawrylo - along with her mother and sister from the East Coast. She set up shop several months ago and have been buzzing with business ever since.

Loving Cup serves a variety of all natural rice puddings. Chai is my favorite flavor. Cardamom, cinamon, nutmeg ... I am drooling just thinking about it! Rice pudding is also a unique dish to pick up and bring to a potluck. No one expects a rice pudding dessert but they always love it.

Also on the menu are pastries, sweet snacks, espresso and yep - frozen yogurt. (Even in SF, we can't escape the pinkberry madness)

Check out the shop at 2356 Polk between Union and Green, and say hi to Liz!


  1. Wow, what a great idea! I could see that sort of thing catching on over here in the UK; it's certainly better suited to the climate than ice-cream ;)

  2. Just had it today. The froyo isn't normal tart froyo--it's the froyo version of DQ Blizzards! You get to choose what you blend your sweet slow-churned froyo with, and it comes out super thick and creamy. It was definitely something different... and very awesome.