Resaurant Opening: Heaven's Dog

Charles Phan, owner of the Slanted Door, opened a new restaurant in the SOMA Grand last week. I was lucky to go to the opening party and Friends and Family dinner.

Heaven's Dog serves small plates of Chinese dishes and noodles - but I think the best addition to the menu is it's old fashioned cocktail menu.

In the same vein as Bourbon and Branch and The Alembic, Heaven's Dog cocktail list focuses on quality. With all the great drinks it's hard to decide, so also offered is a "Freedom from Choice" option where you simply tell the bartener either "gin or vodka", and "citrusy or boozey". Boozey wasn't exacty the word they used - but I forget what it was and it basically meant boozey. ;)

If you stay for dinner, definitely try the pork belly and the string beans - my favorites! Also say hi to the friendly staff including Colleen Quinn - the floor manager and a friend of mine.

Heaven's Dog - 1148 Mission St.


  1. Sounds amazing! Have you been to Slanted Door? I haven't yet and would to hear how the two compare...

  2. Slanted Door definitely takes the cake here. It's been around for longer so it's menu has matured, plus it's a more formal dining experience. It's also in the Ferry Building - which means killer views. You must try it!

  3. Sounds like you own stock in the place!!!

    I like you blog. Now write something nice about me!!!

    Uncle Bob