Mecca Closed!?

I've heard rumors of this happening for a while, but was hoping I'd get into Mecca before it shuttered it's doors. It's been famous for it's Thursday Ladies Nights :)
Well, I just got an email from OpenTable that my reservation for Mecca on Tuesday cannot be honored because Mecca is closing it's doors! Here it is: 

"Hi OpenTable Diner,

I apologize for the late notice and for any inconvenience this may cause, but OpenTable just heard via the media that Mecca may have unexpectedly closed its doors for business.  We have not been able to reach anyone at the restaurant to verify the closure (voicemail still makes it sound like they are open) nor has anyone contact us to inform us of the closure.  A link to the article on SF.eater.com is below.  Therefore, your upcoming reservation will not be able to be accommodated at this restaurant.  However, we hope that you will book at one of the other restaurants in the area that has availability (we have canceled your reservation so you may book another one)."

A disappointment, but maybe a wonderful new restaurant will take it's place. One thing I love about San Francisco is it's evolving restaurant scene. 

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