Water Landing!

There's been a lot of high profile crashes lately. Today, 155 lucky people survived a crash into the Hudson thanks to a heroic pilot named "Sully". Crazy. Then of course DJ AM and Travis Barker were in one... and I know there was another recently, I just can't remember.

I think I've become more afraid of flying, and I've been doing a lot of it lately. The odds are not that slim that I'll be in some kind of emergency landing.

A few weeks ago on NPR I heard a discussion about installing emergency exit doors in the airport so that passengers can practice opening the door. That's a great idea and I am not sure why airports don't do it. Maybe they don't want to remind passengers of the possibility of a crash.

Anyways - I'll be reading the emergency exit material more closely now. And thanks to the wonderful pilot that saved all those people today!

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